Danish-swedish farm dogs

Danish-swedish farm dogs 2018-06-20T12:26:29+00:00

Here at Faebrogaard we breed the beautiful dog breed Danish-Swedish farm dog. Therefore, we often have the sweetest, little puppies running around – and every puppy walks right into the hearts of us.

We have bred Danish-Swedish farm dogs since the 1990s and have been approved breeders for the last 10 years – with the DKK kennel label Faebrogaard’s since 2017. We now have fifth generation in the farm. We love the dogs wonderful personalities and they are always great at welcoming our guests – and have actually cured a few peoples fear of dogs.

Our countless puppies over the years have been sold to dog lovers throughout Denmark and Germany. They are in many lovely peoples hands, played with and taken care of. We always potty train on grass several times every day. They are happy dogs that have a strong hunting instinct – Which is very unfortunate for moles and rats here on the farm!

See pictures below and send an email if you are interested in a puppy or coming onto our waiting list. See more on our Facebook profile.