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Ecology and sustainability – in practice.

We are passionate about ecology and have been farming Fæbrogaard ecologically since 1989 and now have eco-fruit plantation with apples, raspberries, plums, etc. and sheep, lamb, geese, rabbits and horses. We have always tried to think sustainable in everything we do – ie. We have solar cells for the hot water, pine wood pellets, use LED bulbs and swan labeled cleaners. We compost ourselves our kitchen waste and sort the waste into 5 different fractions. We will gladly take you on a trip through the vegetable garden and orchard.

What can we offer at Fæbrogaard?

When ordering, we would like to make our rich organic breakfast and dinner – homemade, mainly of own products.

Breakfast costs from €10 SEK / person and dinner €17 / person for 2 courses – both are ordered the day before (or ask when you arrive if possible on the same day)

In addition, coffee and cake can be ordered the same day at €5 / ps.

We also offer exciting tours to fish oysters, see the beautiful bird phenomenon ‘black sun’ in the season as well as a guided tour including in the beautiful orchard – ask for a booking