Horses, sheep, chickens and rabbits

Horses, sheep, chickens and rabbits 2018-06-20T12:26:22+00:00

There are many animals at Fæbrogård. In addition to our Danish-Swedish farm dogs, we have horses, sheep, chickens and rabbits.

Our horses are not hiring horses as they are older and retired. However, all horses are used to many visitors, and both Corina and Bruda can be strigled and we can also take a walk on young children

The sheep make sure that our pastures are maintained and the summer is through a beautiful sight when the lambs play with each other on the ground.

We have about 8-10 chickens holding us eggs and they are different breeds and beautiful to look at – some of them are even lawnmowers, ie that they put green-sprinkled eggs.

In addition, we have some playcans, which in the summer period go to a large grazing cage. Here children and adults can crawl into when they want to play with them.

And as mentioned, not to forget our Danish-Swedish farm dogs.